Populating a custom contact field with a future date

Is there a way, perhaps through a purchase action set or a campaign sequence with an action set (legacy), that when a product is purchased a custom contact field is populated with a date exactly 8 months later?

Currently we have a promotion that if a client makes a specific purchase from an order form, we give them 8 months to use their purchase. We are manually updating a custom date field within their record whenever a purchase is made with an “expiration date.” How can we automate this process?

We use the expiration date field to market to them as their purchase closes in on it’s expiration, as well as to remove them from specific campaigns once the purchase is expired.

@Joanna_3B, you can create a campaign that starts with the purchase goal. In the following sequence, add a delay timer for 8 months and then connect a Set Field Value widget. In that widget, select the custom field and you will see an option to add today’s date.

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This is a great workaround and I will definitely implement it in the interim! Thank you!

Ultimately, I’d like to apply the expiration date at the time of purchase rather than using a delay timer to set that date once it has already expired.

NovakSolutions has a tool that can do this for you.
Our Date Math tool allows you to add 8 months to a date stored in any custom field - so you can set the date to “today’s date” in the campaign, then use the tool (via HTTP post from the campaign) to add 8 months to it.



Thanks Jordan. You guys have several cool tools!

Novak Solutions is amazing!

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