Notification of appointment to contact

Is there a way of sending notification and reminders to contacts?

depending on how you are set up, there should be. Is there a date being stored in a date field that we could use? If there is, you could have a campaign centered around this date, with a date timer, surrounding a custom field.

Example: If a customer books an appointment for 10/29, and we store this in a field, I can put the contact in a campaign that has specific date timers set to send an email 3 days before date in my Scheduled Appointment field. 1 day before, day of, etc.

Can you give a little more detail into what you are wanting to automate, and if there are dates that happen to be being stored or anything? The community may have some options for you to evaluate. :slight_smile:

Hi, I think I am looking to do this, what you have responded here James. When my contact enters a date/time/zone fields in a webform I want to create a task/appointment to remind the contact owner when this is happening. But I want the task to happen at the time that was entered on the webform. Is this possible? How can I do something like this?

Hi, @Mike_Rumple,

James isn’t with Infusionsoft anymore though he may still browse this forum.

Generally, when you setup a webform, custom fields can hold the information but the widget in campaign builder that involves creating a task doesn’t allow for those fields to be used to setup date/time’s. The only solution therefor, that I’m aware of, is to have a code solution using an http post to create it with those fields.

@Mike_Rumple, what you could do is create a Note and merge in the data from the fields and set the Note to notify the Owner. Not quite what you asked for but you could create a Saved Search if you kept the Subject line of the Note consistent so that you could create a search based off of that - it could then be added to their Dashboard.

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