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Is there any way to have a campaign goal based on the native IFS appointment feature? For example, I just set an appointment with a contact and it will send them a reminder email or text (we use TurboDial = http post). We don’t want to use a 3rd party appointment scheduler as all scheduling is done by sales agents.

Ben - no way to trigger automation based on the appointment that I’m aware of. My suggestion is to book the appointment using an Internal Form to capture date/time/comments. Then have automation immediately thereafter that runs the ‘set appointment’ process and feed in those custom fields. That way you can have the appointment set, and trigger automation, which can then have those fields set so they can feed out to your text messages, too.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for response Jeff.

Do you know if you can edit a form (appt date/time changed or fill it out again for another appt) and have the automation kick off again?

@Ben_Ohashi, to do that you’ll will need to pull the contact out of the reminder sequence so that the date/time fields can be updated. Once they are out and can be added again via a re-submission of the internal form, the values will be updated and the contact can start that reminder sequence fresh.

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There is a way but it would be a code solution. Using webhooks to capture the appointment.add trigger, a tag can be applied in response to a new appointment being made and then you can have campaign builder do what you want in response to that.