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This seems so simple, but I have been working ALL day to figure this out and I just can’t!

This is what I want to do: If I go into a contact, and put an appointment on the calendar for that contact (let’s say I am meeting with them soon to try and sell something) I want Infusionsoft to send that contact an automatic appointment confirmation email.

I started by applying a tag to my customer. Once that tag is applied, this triggers a task for me to schedule the appointment on the calendar. Once I have marked this task as complete, I want that to be the trigger for my email template to be sent out Not sure how to accomplish this. I also do not know how to get my email template to include the date and time of the appointment.

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Hey Rachel:

I hope you found a solution already, but just in case you haven’t …

The best way to do this would be to create a custom field for the Appointment Date/Time.

When you get the task to create the appointment, fill in the Appointment Date/Time field with the info for the appointment. In the sequence following your ‘task goal’ of creating the appointment, the sequence should run with a Create Appointment process (this will schedule the appointment in your system). The date/time will be set from the field that you fill in. Then, run a field timer and determine how far ahead of the appointment you want the reminder to go to the client, then send the email.

Hope that helps.



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I agree with Jeff - that is a solid method for handling appointment signup and confirmation emails.
If you want to add in an “Add to Calendar” link on the confirmation emails that go out, Novak Solutions has a free tool for it.