Schedule appointment based on time/date in webform field

Can someone help with a resolution to this.
I want to create a task or appointment once a webform is submitted. Is there a way to create an appointment based on the time/ date fields submitted in the webform?

The scenarios is this. Contact fills out a webform to request a meeting. They enter in date, time and timezone fields. I want the appointment/task to be created based on those fields. Is this possible?

If I need a third party, I need something low budg or free.

There are 2 that I know of: Calendly and AppointmentCore
Hope this helps

The integrated scheduler we use for our businesses and all clients is ScheduleOnce - but AppointmentCore will do the same. Just depends on which features fits your preferences more.

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I believe you can do this natively with an action set. I don’t think you need a 3rd party.

We use Acuity to be able to integrate the timezone of the customer when they are scheduling their appointment.
To link Acuity to Infusionsoft we use in order Zapier (to link Acuity to GoogleSheet), GoogleSheet (to have the list of new appointments, canceled appointments, updated appointment) and Workato (to link GoogleSheet to Infusionsoft to create a task with the correct time of the appointment).
There are probably simpler solution, but we liked Acuity so we found a way to link it to Infusionsoft.

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I am doing the same thing, but with Internal Forms. It should work pretty similarly. In my scenario, the form contains a radio button for ‘did you schedule a meeting’, followed by a custom contact field labeled ‘scheduled meeting time.’ I have a campaign that starts with the form being filled out. if the radio button for scheduled meeting is selected, a sequence will start that creates an appointment using the custom field, send an email confirmation to the contact, then uses a field timer to email a meeting reminder with details to the contact 24 hours prior to the meeting.

I’m a big AppointmentCore fan (if you were looking for a scheduling solution), but if you were looking to use the data ‘as is’ from what you described, you could simply add the ‘create appointment’ process inside a Sequence to create the appointment for you. You could then follow that up with an email to the customer, etc. Here is a quick demo video:

Lmk if that’s helpful.



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