Appointments scheduling

Who would you recommend for appointment scheduling. I’m looking for a company that can book appts on my calendar


You might check into Appointment Core. I’ve dabbled with it a bit, more on the end user side, but it may give you what you are looking for, and integrates with Infusionsoft quite nicely.

We use appointmentcore and it integrates well with Infusionsoft.


Am looking various appointment scheduling apps. Which of the ones that can be integrated directly with Infusionsoft would you recommend and why? Thanks for your help.

We use ScheduleOnce for our businesses and our clients because of the focus on continual development and the integrations with other 3rd party systems.

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Hey everyone…I’m hoping to get some specifics around how Appointment Core can integrate with Infusionsoft. All I see is it adds appointments to the calendar. I’m looking for details regarding how it can work within a campaign…currently using Calendly and all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that by clicking an email link that means an appointment has been scheduled. I’d like to be able to provide some better follow up with it…