Customizing the Contact Owner Signature

I am trying to find a way so when each member of my sales team sends out an email, their recipients would be able to make an appointment on their calendar directly. If the Contact Owner’s Signature is what is unique to each user, can that signature be customized so as to have a link to their calendar? Is there another way to do this? I have a free trial with AppointmentCore trying to make this work. Thanks for your help.

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I think @Cheryl_Hunt is our resident expert on AppointmentCore. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @martinc - but it’s ScheduleOnce that I know well :slight_smile: I’m never used AppointmentCore but hopefully someone will chime in her. But if someone has a question on ScheduleOnce, I’m your girl lol

Woops! Sorry, @Cheryl_Hunt. Here are all the conversations in the community around AppointmentCore

Thanks everybody for your help. Looking forward to digging into the other conversations.

Followup on ScheduleOnce: I read this on your infusionsoft information:

“ScheduleOnce enables your existing Infusionsoft Contacts to book meetings with you. When you ask your contacts to make bookings, ScheduleOnce identifies them by their Infusionsoft record ID, eliminating the need to ask for information you already have and streamlining the scheduling process.”

Does this mean that an individual member of our Sales Team could send out an eblast using a template with a link to ScheduleOnce - and when a recipient clicks on that link (wanting to schedule an appoint), it would go directly to that Sales person’s scheduleonce calendar?

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Yes, that’s correct, @Keith_Marsh! ScheduleOnce tells you exactly how to append the URL of the booking calendar so that the ID is passed correctly. You can also configure that URL so that they don’t even have to enter their name or email.

We use this all the time to make it as quick and easy as possible for someone to book from an email link.

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Thanks for your quick reply. If the email gets sent out - to contacts
already in our data base - from two different members of our sales team,
and the recipients respond wanting to schedule an appointment, will they
get the sales person’s calendar they want? Also, how does your pricing
compare with AppointmentCore?


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@Keith_Marsh, I don’t work for ScheduledOnce - I’m an Infusionsoft certified partner so we use it for our business and most of our clients so that’s how I’m familiar with it.

To be perfectly honest, SO is probably a bit higher than AppointmentCore but it can’t even be compared. I don’t want to put any other scheduler down, but SO’s customer service, reliability, and functions can’t be beat in my opinion.

If you want your contacts to go to a certain rep’s calendar, that will require that Infusionsoft knows what that URL is so what I do is store that URL in a custom field (the rep must be the established Owner of the contact) so that I can merge that into the email. If you don’t want the raw URL to show in the email, you can text hyperlink it by adding the merge code into the URL link option in the email editor.

It can get a little complicated the more complex you get but it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Thanks Cheryl! I’ll check it out.

Hi Keith,

Did you get this solved?

I ran into this with my booking system, eventually had to switch over to calandly with a business account.

They integrate with all major calendars and it is as simple as putting their unique link in their signature.

Hope this helps,

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Plus This could be handy for this situation, you could setup a Smart Link, which means you just add one link to the bottom of all signatures, then you can setup the Plus This feature to check who is the contact owner (or other things as well, like tags, or other factors) to determine which booking link to send them to, and if the rules can’t determine which booking link to send it to, then you can set a default (catch all).

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It does - especially the last thought. I couldn’t figure out how to get
the link into their signature in Infusionsoft. Are you referring to


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If your reps/company are not hung up on including their title, then just drop the following in the Title section of the Signature…Schedule a Call: [insert the booking link].

Edit Provile > Add/Edit User

It’s not perfect but it shows up in the signature through the Infusionsoft Email Template

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You can sync it up with their specific calendars, then place the link in the older HTML signature option or I like the idea Jeffrey Cohen mentioned, if you can put it in the Title, that might work. I have never tried that, but it sounds good.

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