Happy Friday my InfusionSoft Peeps! <Specifically ScheduleOnce Peeps>

Who else is using Schedule Once for scheduling appointments?

Have a quick question for those that do…

What is your workaround when a Client does NOT have an email address

Our Clientelle can be of a certain generation and does not participate in technology.

Schedule Once said there is NO way I can make it a non-required field or even a conditional one.


Hey @Cindy_Glover, we use ScheduleOnce exclusively and love it. They are correct…you must have an email address. There is no way to send confirmations, reminders, etc. I would suggest that you just make the appt manually on the connected calendar you’re using with ScheduleOnce since you can’t even run any automation with Infusionsoft without an email.

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Thank you for your response!!!

As easy as that sounds - And would have taken that route BUT

We employ an answering service and I’m not comfortable with giving them direct access to the CEO’s Calendar…

We use Outlook (Exchange) - So I wonder if I could do something between Zapier, Schedule Once, and Jotform - Surely I can do it somehow.

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and most of you are Jedi Masters so I always like hearing from you all first! LOL

I wonder if I could somehow create a separate link in Jotform that they could use to gather all the demographical data and then send to me to schedule the appointment…(typing “outloud”)…


No, sorry :frowning: I don’t have any suggestions for that scenario…you’ve got a lot going on there.

Don’t I know it!!!

With that said - Can anyone think of a way where I DON’T have so much going on?