How to keep an appointment internal form from updating an appointment

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We have a campaign that when we schedule an appointment on an internal form, it triggers a campaign that sends out a series of reminders before the date that we picked on the internal form. A problem we have run into is that if we schedule multiple appointments for the same person, instead of creating different appointments, it keeps updating the first appointment, even if we fill out another internal form.

Is there a way to stop this so that if we filled out the same internal form three times for three different appointments for the same person, that it will create three different appointments instead of updating one appointment?


Are you using Infusionsoft’s built-in appointments or is this a custom setup with some custom fields and an internal form in a campaign?

From what I’ve seen on Infusionsoft’s regular appointment functionality, you can create many appointments for the same contact, but I don’t know of a way to do it through an internal form. Instead, you click the “Add Appointment” button under the “Tasks” tab. I believe there’s a way to trigger a goal in a campaign when you add an appointment that way, but I haven’t gotten it working yet.

If you’re just using some custom fields and an internal form, you won’t be able to create multiple separate appointments because every time you submit the internal form it will over-write the values in those fields. If that’s the way you’re doing it, you could probably make custom fields like Appointment Date 1, Appointment Date 2 etc and then have separate internal forms for Appointment 1, Appointment 2 etc. Then, if a contact has multiple appointments, you fill out several internal forms for them instead of filling out the same one multiple times.

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@Damon_Janis is correct with the second portion of his statement. If you wanted to track multiple appointments, you would need to have multiple custom fields, then have a sequence with the reminders set up to go out for each of the custom field sets that you have…

It would look like this: