Tag a contact at a future date without a custom field?

Our support team has people requesting to re-enter an email engagement sequence at a later date. I know I can have a custom field set set then use a date timer for a contact to be tagged when that date comes around.

We are approaching our 100 custom field limit, so I am checking if there’s an alternative to this setup…

So far, the primary thought would be to have the Help Desk set a task on the contact record with the future date and a pop up reminder at a time close to when the task is to be completed and the tag applied.

Our Help Desk doesn’t check IS frequently, so if there were an alternative, that would be great.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

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You could just send an automated email and assign it to a team member who is in charge of reactivating those contacts. Have them create a filter/folder for those notification emails so they don’t miss any. I believe as part of a task, you can also send an email notification

What is the goal here? Why do you want to delay the tag being applied?

Are you saying that you want to automatically apply a tag on a specific date in the future? On an individual by individual basis? Or for a group of people?

If it’s a group of people then I’d create a sequence (in a campaign), with a date timer that waits until whatever the date is, and applies the tag on that particular date for everyone who you put in that sequence.

Then, you could add contacts manually, or by applying a note, and when X date rolls around they’d all be tagged.

I agree with Greg. It sounds like people are randomly asking support to facilitate their request to be added back into the sequence at a date of their choosing. If it’s per request, I’d use an internal form and use a custom date field (usually you can find a way to free up a field if you’re approaching the limit) and use that field to apply a trigger tag. Remember to remove the trigger tag once they’re in the sequence so that it can be applied again.

And to take it one step further, that trigger tag should also be a bookend looping tag that pulls them out of the sequence and also re-enters them.

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Got it. Thanks. I set up an internal form for the time being for a custom date timer. I was hoping to find a work around since it’s somewhere around 10 total contacts that have requested this in an app with ~80k engaged contacts. I’ll circle back to this if we end up hitting the custom field limit. Or just have a notification set up outside of IS for notifying support when to click the checkbox to apply the tag.