Tagging based on dates - Help Needed

I have 4 custome fields on contacts for:
1st Year Start Date
2nd Year Start Date
3rd Year Start Date
4th Year Start Date

My intension is to have the appropriate tag (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4) added to each contact based on their start date values…as marketing is different depending on if the contact is in their first, second, third or forth year.

I can’t simply add “Year 1” tag with a 1 year delay, then add “Year 2”, etc. because I’ve imported hundreds of records that are in all different years. This approach with also force “data entry” = “Year 1 Start”…and this simply won’t work.

Does anyone have a clever way to set this up so that I can:

  1. populate all contacts with appropriate tag
  2. maintain accuracy of tags

Note: I also use FixYourFunnel, so I have access to their dateBots.

Many thanks

It sounds like you could set up a campaign based with 4 sequences based on Field Timers.

Everyone would flow into all 4 sequences.
The contact will sit and wait until the date in the Year X field, remove all of the Year tags first, and then trigger to add the applicable tag.

If all people start in Yaar 1, then the Year one sequence would simply apply the Year 1 tag (no date needed).
This would work for getting all FUTURE tags added/removed, not for properly tagging the current data set.

To do the current data set, the easiest way would be to do a contact search looking for anyone who has a criteria for Year 1 (whatever those dates are), and export them. Then, do a Data Cleanup - Modify Existing Records. When you do the upload process, you want to be sure to identify the Keap ID (this is what avoids duplicates), and then close to the end of the upload choose “Run some Actions (start a sequence, create tasks, etc…)” and choose ‘add tag’. Choose the applicable Year tag for whatever year group this is. Process the upload.
Repeat that process for every year. Then, put all these people into your new campaign.

Campaign Design:

Sequence Design:

BRILLIANT. Sounds like this is the PERFECT solution. I’ll get that built out and try it. Thank you soooo much.