Automated monthly campaign - how to start mid campaign

Hi Guys,

In the process of setting up an automated prospect nurturing campaign that goes for a year, with the prospect receiving an email update each month.

The updates will be customised depending on the month, e.g. Christmas email in December.

So my question is how can I set it up so the prospect starts the campaign on the relevant month?


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Hi @Stephanie_Downs,

If you set it up with Date Timers, then any timers in the past will be skipped and the contacts will start wherever the sequence is current. You’ll need to make the sequence so that at the end they loop back around to the beginning.

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Amazing, thanks heaps Tyler!

How do you loop it to the beginning?

Tag loop. Apply an entry tag. Set an exit tag goal that you raise to draw them out after removing the entry tag. Then re-raise the entry tag.

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To create the loop you’ll want to remove the tag that triggers the sequence holding the date timers and the emails soon after entering that sequence so that it can be applied again. After the December email is sent, add that same tag. When you add that tag, it will first pull them out of the sequence because you’ll want that same tag to serve as the exit goal. And then it will call up the starting trigger tag again and push them back into the same sequence.

So the looping trigger tag serves as a bookend of tag goals on either end of the sequence. Does that make sense @Stephanie_Downs?

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When they get to the end of the year and get the tag applied to start at January again, will the timers have to be updated to the next year, or can they handle just the month?

Hi, @Evelyn_Fassett,

Once a year they would have to be updated if the ‘loop’ is date specific, however, campaign merge fields could be used to simplify that (ie give only one place where it would have to be updated rather than changing every date timer)