Recurring email

I want to send out market updates automatically each month to contacts tagged “CABA”. Can it be done, and how?

You can do this with a tag loop and delay timer. The delay timer would be setup to trigger on a specific day of the month and tag looping refers to using a tag to enter the sequence and then, within the sequence, dropping the tag and then re-raising it again at the end to get the contact to re-enter at the beginning. This only works if you also have a tag that exits the sequence first before raising the entry tag again. So the campaign builder canvas and sequence would look something like the following two images:


John’s method works great. The entry and exit tag are the very same tag. We remove it immediately after it has triggered the following sequence. Then when added after the timer, it will always satisfy the exit goal FIRST and then trigger the entry goal next.


Correct, but I usually recommend two separate tags (one for entry and one for exit) so that if there is ever a need to pull them out for good, the exit tag can be called alone so it won’t re-enter. Just better control over workflow.

Thank you !! I will work on it this morning.


Yes, I guess I misunderstood @John_Borelli. I have an exit one as well for tracking who actually was exited for good - but the tag that begins the loop and pulls them out of the sequence is the same. Just different ways to skin a cat :slight_smile: As long as it works, that’s all that matters.

Of course! :wink: Just clarifying why I usually do it that way but different cats and all lol

Yep lol :slight_smile:

I have multiple sequences in a campaign to inform my members their licence is running out. So to remind them I have set up a sequence to send out an email 14 days before. Another 7 days before and lastly on the day it expires.

Within each sequence I’ve put a time delay based on the expiry date to add or remove a tag so that I have an active dashboard of this. sequence block?

Do I actually need the tags to have a time delay if they’re in that specific. This is my 7 days till expire sequence.

If I understand your question…

Time delays will function with or without the tag but if you’re using tags for reporting and need them to show those contacts on the report, then you would need them to remain applied until they are no longer in the sequence.