Create a recurring email based on date of applied tag


I would like to create an email sequence that will send the same reminder email based on the date a tag was applied.

Here is the flow:

  1. Tag applied
  2. Send welcome email
  3. Wait 26 days from date of tag applied (for instance, Feb 25th)
  4. Send reminder email
  5. Wait until the following month, and on the date of step 3 (for instance, Mar 25th)
  6. Send reminder email
  7. Loop wait until next month and on the same date (for instance Apr 25th) send same reminder email

How can I do this?

Hey Bill:

That campaign would look like this:

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.35.46 AM.png

Here is the explanation:



So if I want the loop to be on the same date, it would just be set to 1 month instead of 30 days right? Otherwise, the date the reminder email comes out will vary and I will be off the cycle to remind the people to renew their subscription on a specific date, 4 days before it is due.

Make sense?

I don’t have the decision diamond in my version of Keap. Therefore, this is the way I’m looking to get this done.

Let me know if I have any flaws.


Any response to my last message? Trying to get this wrapped up. Thanks! @Jeff_Arnold

All versions of Keap have the decision diamond. It automatically appears when you connect 2 sequences to one goal, where the automation needs to decide which way to go.

This would work, but if you wanted to remove someone, there is no way to remove them from the automation automatically.

Also, I don’t like doing the ‘remove/add’ tag in the 30 day sequence and looping directly back into that same sequence - I always like to have another sequence that follows it where you remove the tags and then add the ‘wait 30’ tag (just because I’ve seen this version occasionally have issues), but in theory, it works.

And yes, the ‘wait a month’ should work.