Decision Diamond based on Tag creation date

I need to start a sequence when the users have a tag applied more than 30 days ago. E.g.: if the tag “E-Book Download” is older than 30 days and it’s not a customer, then send an email.
I can see the date of the tag exists in Marketing > Reports > Tag Application but I can’t find it in the Decision Diamond form…
What’s the best way to do this automation?

You can’t drive automation based on the tag applied date unless you use a 3rd party, like PlusThis. The easiest way to do this is to create a sequence that is started by that tag, then have a 30 day delay timer behind it. After that timer, apply the tag to start the sequence you want.

If becoming a customer is your action that will stop the sequence,behind your 30 day timer sequence, set up a tag goal. That tag will be ‘customer’ so it pulls the person out of the timer sequence if they achieve the overall objective.

Thank you for your quick and useful reply.
I’ve seen PlusThis cited many times in this forum, I’ll give it a try to understand what it does and - at the other end - what’s missing in Infusionsoft.