Can you apply a tag AFTER a certain date not just specifically ON a date

Hi There,

We are trying to give fast action bonuses for people who purchase by a specific date. In order to deliver the bonus we rely on a tag. So we want to do one of the following…

1 - apply Bonus Activated tag if purchase before the date - and use a decision diamond to deliver the bonuses if they have the Bonus Activated tag


2 - apply Bonus Expired tag if purchase AFTER the date - and use a decision diamond to deliver the bonues if they DO NOT have the Bonus Expired tag.

We tried to setup option 2, – in the initial sequence we have a start => date time for date of expiration => apply EXPIRED tag (later after purchase is the decision diamond that says if DONT have Expired tag, give bonus) — The issue we have with this is that the EPIRED tag is only applied on that specific expiration date as the date time is no longer valid after the date so the tag never gets applied to those who purchase the following day or any following that.

Am I making this more difficult than it needs to be? :slight_smile: