Tag based on product purchased at a specific price point?

We offer a product at a 2 price points: 497 and 997.

I want to apply a tag to people who purchase the product at the 497 price point. This means they were in our promo.

There are 2 ways I have the tag being applied:

  1. Webpage Automation - I created a unique thank you page for the 497 orderform on our site (not an IS thank you page), which applies the bonus tag
  2. If the purchase is made within the promotion campaign, the contact will also be tagged with the bonus from a product purchase goal

I have also created an option for this to manually be done with a HelpDesk form.

Is there a better way to set this strategy up to ensure all 497 buyers are able to access the bonus?


Hi, @CfromATX. I guess it depends on how you are selling the product. If you set each price point up as a separate product you could just use purchase goals in the campaign builder for each product/price point.

I think, if your price points are clearly defined, that you could use a decision diamond to separate each price level and apply tags in each resulting sequence.

Thanks Martin. I adjusted to this for the time being. Was hoping not to have to create duplicate products because of differing price points. I think I’ve heard some certified partners recommend against that, but at least the logic works this way.

John, how would I set the decision diamond for this? Is there a way to check which product price point was purchased?

It looks like I could set a custom field for the price on the order form and then check with decision diamond after purchase.

Is this what you mean?

Depends on the data type of the field but you can use greater than and less than values to segment price ranges.

Thanks John, so if I understand correctly, there will have to be a custom field to check, right?

I set up a simple product purchase goal connecting to 2 different sequences (below). Checking how the decision diamond filters, it seems to need to check either field values or tags on the contact record.56%20AM

DD rules would look something like this:

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Thanks John, this is just what I’m looking for.