Best way to tag contacts as 'purchased'

Hi all.

I have an API integration with my (Magento) website, so each order is created in IFS when it happens on our website.

The API integration tags each contact with the same purchased tag when they order. I use this as a tag goal in several campaigns to remove the contact if they purchase.

The tag is a generic ‘purchased’ tag - it doesn’t specify the product purchased for example.

Additionally, once the contact has this tag, it stays there indefinitely. Which I guess is ok as it tells me they are a customer. However, if I want to try to sell to them again, it seems I cannot use the same ‘purchased’ tag goal to remove them from a campaign – they already have the tag and are therefore not removed if they purchase again, even though it looks like the tag is overwritten/added again (I can tell by the date on the tag)

I thought I could instead use the ‘Product Purchased’ goal given that all the orders can be seen in the Order area in IFS – however it seems this only works for purchases made via IFS shopping cart, not an external cart.

Looking for ideas and best practice on how to fix this. Should a product specific purchased tag be added to the order using the API when the order is created? What happens if the customer buys the same product again?

Any ideas welcome!

Hi Owen,

Usually what we do with our customers is create two types of tags. One tag is what triggers the action “Trigger - Product Purchased”, and a second tag for historical / data. So, when someone purchases via Magento you would apply a product specific tag that is just used to kick off campaign automation. As soon as the campaign is triggered, you remove this tag so that you can re-trigger the automation. As part of the campaign you apply a tag you use for historical data.

Ok makes sense thanks Joey.

So a generic purchased tag that kicks off (or stops) a campaign, added when a sale occurs on Magento.
E.g. “Trigger - Product Purchased”

And an additional product specific tag that sticks forever on the contact.
E.g. “Product Purchased - Product XYZ”

How would this work for repeat purchases - e.g. when customer purchases Product XYZ this month and again next month. Can this be represented using tags?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Owen,

Something can only have a tag once, so for repeated purchases you just have to make sure that the “Trigger” tag is removed so that it can be run a second time. But, you’ll only have the one purchase history tag. You could add some logic to your campaign using decision diamonds to apply a different tag on the second purchase though. Also a number of tools are out there that let you track total customer spend, and things like that.

You could also use a custom field and increment it whenever a product is purchased a second or third time.