Campaign Sequence

I am new to Keap and need advice and/or guidance on a campaign issue I identified.

Current campaign is as follows:

  • Product Purchased
  • Registration Complete > this removes and adds tags that drive the next step
  • Pre-training Reminder Email Sent

The issue is, some purchases do not require a pre-training email to be sent but they all receive the same tag which is why the reminders are being sent. I am wondering what is the best approach to fix this so Keap will differentiate between purchase types and not send out a pre-training reminder when appropriate?

how are you differentiating which people get remainders and which do not?



We are adding a tag to them, “Registration Training Complete”


My understanding is you wish for contacts who already have the ‘Registration Training Complete’ tag to not be sent the pre-training reminder email after they purchase.

If this is the case, a decision diamond could be used to only send the pre-training reminder emails to contacts who do not have the ‘Registration Training Complete’ tag, as shown below:

Decision Diamond and Pre-training Reminder Email Location:

Decision Diamond Criteria:

Since you mentioned tags are being used to drive the next step and the same tag fires off the reminder emails, your campaign may look slightly different, but the concept of using the decision diamond to filter out contacts still should give you what you need once it has been added to the correct location.