Wrong emails generated

I need some help with my decision diamonds in my campaign builder. Basically, I have students who purchase a certification course from me through shopify. I also sell other products to the same people, such as continuing education classes for license renewal, sales training, etc. Since my pre-license students are already in the system, how do I tell Keap that they do not need to be readded to the database, but just add these new tags to the person for their recent purchase? Currently, my setup wants to resend previous campaign emails and NOT the new product campaign emails I have created. Help, I’m about to pull what little hair I have left on my head out.



Hi @John_Mayfield - couple of options here.

  1. Can you give us a screenshot of the current DD please so we can see the settings
  2. It might be as simple as adding a tag for contacts once they have entered the campaign and then filter against that tag
  3. To be honest you might need more advance support than can be offered here, there are many partners (such as ourselves) that offer services and would be able to solve this for you
  4. Re-reading your comment - you might have a problem with your integration settings - what are you using to integrate them?

All the best