Trouble with Decision Diamond

We hold online events every month and we’ve been running campaigns to send to our master email list. Each campaign we use a decision diamond to filter out any guest who has attended a previous event with the unique tag a registrant receives when they apply.

Currently if I ask the decision diamond to filter out a guest wit multiple of these registration tags using the “or” function the automation will still send to the contact to both the “send email” and “don’t send” sequences even though we make sure to include that if the contact tag doesn’t contain the tags used in the above filter.

This appears to be a filter glitch in Keap, can you please assist?


If you are saying if they HAVE this tag or this tag, then OR works.

If you are saying if they DON’T HAVE, then you need to use AND.

Does that solve it?


The decision diamond challenge you described is most likely not a glitch on Keap’s end, but instead a challenge being caused by the logic used in the decision diamond. Below is an example of one way to configure a decision diamond to filter out guests who have already received a registration tag.

  1. For this example, let’s say there are three events, and each event has a corresponding ‘REGISTERED’ tag, as follows:
  • Prospects → Event A - REGISTERED
  • Prospects → Event B - REGISTERED
  • Prospects → Event C - REGISTERED

  1. Within the Keap campaign, a sequence is needed for each of the following:
  • Send Email
  • Don’t Send Email

That could look like this:

  1. The decision diamond rules could be configured like this to ensure only contacts who have not already received a ‘REGISTERED’ tag for events ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ will be added to the ‘Send Email’ sequence:

  1. The decision diamond logic can be tested by choosing ‘Actions → Test’ from the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the decision diamond criteria screen:

Running the decision diamond test with no tags should add contacts to the ‘Send Email’ sequence:

Running the decision diamond test with any combination of ‘REGISTERED’ tags should add contacts to the “Don’t Send Email” Sequence:

Once your decision diamond criteria has been configured and tested, and the campaign re-published, this should work as desired/expected.