Decision Diamonds - Following sequences and multiple tickets

Hi there!

I am utilizing infusionsoft for ticketing for an event we have. I have the right tags and products in place for when they purchase a ticket.

I realized that as one person buys more tickets under the same name it only tagged them as 1 ticket and not the multiple they are buying. I have created a diamond already that as the person buys more then one in the same account it changes it to 2-3-4 etc.

Now they have multiple tickets, I need to find out what the names are of the guest they are bringing, would it be another decision diamond? And once that is in place is there a form that can be created so the guest name can be entered in infusionsoft, and the ticket count of the main holder goes down as each ticket they bought is being accounted for?

I think you’ve got a couple of options, but that’s a tricky situation!

Do you need the customer to fill out the form with the name of the guest, and have everything happen automatically, or is this something that you’d be ok doing some manual intervention with?

I would like for them to fill out the form and it happens automatically.

Great! So what I would envision is that you could extend your current decision diamond section where it figures out that the contact already has purchased a ticket, and removes the “1 ticket” tag and applies that “2 tickets” or “3 tickets” etc. tags.

The logical path that comes to my mind would be to have the sequence after the decision diamond where it removes the “1 ticket” tag and applies the “2 tickets” tag ALSO send an email to the contact requesting that they click a link and fill out the contact information for the person they purchased a ticket for. The form that they fill out will be a goal in the campaign, and if they do fill out the form it will send them into another set of decision diamonds and sequences where the “2 tickets” tag will be removed and the “1 ticket” tag will be applied.

A tricky part is figuring out how the purchasing contact is linked to the one that is created when the form is filled out. Since it’s a new contact being created presumably if they’re entering a different name/email, I don’t think it will trigger anything in the campaign for the purchasing contact when the form is filled out. It’s fairly simple if you’re using the API, because the form itself should get the contact ID of the purchaser when the link is clicked to fill out the form. I’m not 100% sure if there’s a way to do it with out-of-the box Infusionsoft, but it’s probably worth a shot before pulling in the API.

I know that’s a technical answer with a lot of unanswered questions, but this is a pretty involved campaign and there’s a lot of branching so a lot of designs are possible and as with all design there are tradeoffs. I’m happy to keep helping though, and the more details you give about the project the more I can try to offer insight on the tradeoffs and what I would recommend!