Decision Diamond Question

I have a webform that is asking a customer to pick different options and I need help figuring this out and how to make this work.
I have the form send option 1-5 to sequence 1 & options 6-7 to sequence 2 which works fine. The problem is if they pick from both sections, can it still separate and send accordingly or no? Or what happens if they pick all of the options? Does the “or” not work and also need to have all options with option1 & option2, etc…
Thanks in Advance!

Hi, John. What do you want to happen if they select all the options?

Perfect world…no matter what combination they pick it would be nice if it could still send the (top 5 options to Sequence 1-Service Department) and the (lower 2 options to Sequence 2 -Maintenance Department). Two different responsible managers.
Thanks for your help!

Worst case for all options picked, send to (Sequence 1 -Service Department)

Hey, John. Maybe this will help: This is set up like yours, just a bit simpler using the checkbox options to run the logic.

  • If they select Checkbox1 or Checkbox2, they will go into the first sequence.
  • If the select Checkbox a or Checboxb, they will go into the second sequence.
  • If they select all four (or at least one from each), they will go into both sequences.

Let me know if this helps.

Perfect…I’ll try this. Thanks for all your help!!

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