Option to save decision diamond for other campaigns

I think a lot of people would benefit from a save feature for decision diamonds. This way, if they have a lot of sequences that need to be separated they can add the goal and the following sequences. Then once they double click on the blank decision diamond, they can go up to the top and “import” a saved diamond settings so they don’t have to plug in all the parameters every time.

For example I have a lot of clients who I would still like to send certain emails to, but they are not qualified for some of my emails regarding the marketing for higher packages. I use the decision diamond to audit the people who are put into the campaign as a fail-safe just in case someone is put in a campaign that is no qualified.

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You can ‘import’ sequence steps from another sequence. If your tasks are segmented in sequences well then it should be a pretty close thing to what you’re asking.

I’m sorry if I’m missing something but did you read all of my post? I mentioned decision diamond saving. Is this somehow attached to sequences when the sequences are being imported that I’m not seeing?

So to reword then, you’re wanting to be able to setup a decision diamond “template” (so to speak)? That’s not directly available. The only time a DD will come up at all is if you connect two sequences and then it appears. I’ve never seen a use case where that would be necessary as all the information between the DD’s would usually be different anyway. Regardless, there isn’t a way to copy DD’s one to another.