Duplicating a Decision Diamond?

When in campaign builder, I see that you can right-click a decision diamond and choose “duplicate,” but it doesn’t actually duplicate it for me. Am I missing something?

I’d like to either duplicate a decision diamond or have two webforms connect to the same decision diamond, but the latter doesn’t seem possible.


You can’t just duplicate the DD… but, you can select all the pieces that are connected to it and Duplicate them all… then just go and update what you need to. Without the connecting pieces, there is no DD.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks. I set up a very complicated decision diamond - will I still have to go through and repeat all the attributions manually?

Yes, they don’t “copy” over and will have to be manually setup for each

Not necessarily, so long as you duplicate all of the pieces connected to the Decision Diamond, it will bring the attributions of the DD as well.

Just curios :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In what situation would someone need to duplicate the DD and actually need the original connected pieces? There’s no need to copy anything in that case.