Decision diamond limitation - is there a workaround?

The problem comes when I have 3 tags (X, Y and Z) and one of the branches needs to test for X AND Either Y Or Z. i.e. X AND (Y OR Z). The Decision Diamond only lets me put in (X AND Y) OR Z. Order of evaluation matters in boolean logic and this difference will produce inaccurate results in some cases. Note that there is only one of 3 branches in the diamond that needs to use this logic.

To spell this out in more detail:

Branch 1: tags contains X and does not contain Y and does not contain Z
Branch 2: tags does not contain X and does not contain Y and does not contain Z
Branch 3: tag contains X and contains EITHER Y or Z

Branches 1 and 2 are no problem. Branch 3 is not possible. What can I do short of adding a tag that means they have EITHER Y or Z and testing for that? Is there some way to use just my tags X, Y and Z and get the correct results?

(And, InfusionSoft folks, how about making it possible to accurately represent all Boolean expressions?)

Thanks, Julia

P.S. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see a way and InfusionSoft phone support confirmed that there was not a way to handle X AND (Y OR Z) expressions.

The trick is where you hover your mouse. I can’t share a screen shot because it depends on where the mouse is to show you but you can split your DD into sections of or OR and.

Can’t you duplicate the follow up sequence and have the first branch be “Contains X and Y” and the duplicate second branch be “Contains X and Z?” Just have a few duplicate sequences for all boolean possibilities.


Please tell me you’re not referring to legacy campaigns. 95%+ are in the campaign builder.

Good idea. This is what I settled on for my current purpose. It was better than using multiple decision diamonds, which is also possible. This is acceptable for simple expressions, but If the expression was more complicated, it could get pretty ugly. It would be nice if the decision diamonds allowed all valid boolean expressions.

To be a little more explicit, since there’s a question about “follow-up sequences”… I’m not sure what ZCH_ was referring too, but the solution I settled on created an expression within a campaign builder decision diamond consisting of two rules: (X and Y) OR (X and Z).