Multiple Ticket Sales

We are selling tickets to a LIVE event… Is there a way to determine in the campaign if someone purchased more than one ticket so we can gather the name of the person for the second ( 3rd, 4th, etc) ticket(s)? Tickets will be emailed with the attendee’s name on them.

Or even something triggered by the order form, when multiple tickets are purchased, perhaps tagged so we can send them a form to complete with the additional attendee names?

If there is an easier more efficient way to accomplish this that would be great!


Hi Cassandra,

So, here’s a video that might give you a few ideas: How to handle Registering for an Event and Bringing Guests - in Infusionsoft [or Keap] - YouTube

This video is NOT for a paid product though, it’s more for free registrations - but you may be able to take this logic and adapt it.


If you want a more formal solution, I know @Mark_Penney has a pre-built solution that works for this type of a scenario. You can contact Mark here.

I use it so that my partners can buy licenses of one of my courses and then assign those licenses to other people.

Good luck!

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Hi Greg,

Yes! I think this will work for what we need. Thanks so much…greatly appreciated.