Event Registration with Attendance Limits

Can anyone recommend a way or plug-in to help with event registrations that have a max capacity in Infusionsoft?

We are looking to host an event with multiple time slots. We need to limit each time slot to 2 attendees. If we use the classic form, with custom fields and tags, to our knowledge, there isn’t a way to set a limit on that tag/field.

Any tips, tricks, or 3rd party sources you can recommend?

Thanks in advance!

Your right. The only native way to do that in Infusionsoft would be if you were selling seats - then you could just set a limit to your inventory and have a sold-out message. I asked Event Smart if they have that functionality and they said it was a standard feature…and they have an Infusionsoft plugin, so I would check them out.

HI Carissa, I agree with Martinc, you can use the product inventory to sell a set number of tickets. We have a few clients using DynamicSync - which is an event plugin that integrates directly with Infusionsoft. You can setup one event product and sell that, but use DynamicSync to manage the sold out functionality for each time slot. Here are some more details - www.dynamicsync.com

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