Need Event booking plugin

I need a plugin for Infusionsoft that can manage event bookings/sell tickets. We need to manage data from event bookings and integrate with Infusionsoft. Is anyone aware of a product that can do this?

Hi Annie,
Great question and there are a few out there and it really comes down to the number of events, how many attendees you’re looking at and what functionality you require (e.g. sell normal tickets, VIP tickets, manage guest registrations, auto tagging, SMS reminders, QR code scanner etc etc).
We have worked with a number of clients who run a number of handful of events throughout the year with multi dates/location and the DynamicSync Plugin is the best for them, here’s their website Other ones are PlusThis, EventExpresso or something custom. Feel free to reach out Annie, happy to jump on a quick call to help point you in the right direction, as it can be a little confusing.

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