What customer support ticket system works well with Infusionsoft?

Looking for recommendations from Infusionsoft users who also uses ticketing system.

I am looking into Zendesk as it comes with some Infusionsoft integration but It doesnt have a lot. EG if doesnt show all the custom fields from Infusionsoft and when a ticket is created and updated it doesnt send anything to Infusionsoft, like notes or something.

What does everyone else use?

Fusedesk is another one.

Hello Adrian, curious if you landed on a ticketing help desk solution that integrates well with Infusionsoft. I am in the same spot you were in Dec 19, looking for the best solution. I am looking at HelpScout, FreshDesk, and Fusedesk.

Hello everyone, what ticketing/help desk solutions do you use?

Fusedesk without a doubt