Set limit on how many people enter a sequence


We are used to using Constant Contact for our events, which had the ability to automatically close registration web form when a max number was reached. Is there a way to do this in IS if using web forms and sequences to capture event registration.


Using the API / custom code, yes.

I cannot think of an automated way to do this only using system features. Hopefully others will have some ideas.

Hi Teresa, I’m not aware of how to automatically do it on a webform either. I know you can do it on a product and it will show as Sold Out on the order form once your quantity in the backend of the product is down to 0, but that’s not useful if it’s a free event of course. Others might have some ideas too. We have a few clients who run events use the event plugin DynamicSync for tracking event numbers, you can set how many tickets can be sold and then it will show as Sold Out with their wordpress plugin if the event has reached capacity.

PlusThis has a magic link feature that I believe will redirect the page based on given conditions.