Questions related to WebForms

  1. When creating WebForm, I am adding couple of Radio Buttons, Some check boxes to capture additional information about the contact. For example, let us take a case with Yoga Class Registration Form. Here are the requirements:
    (a) The Registrant can register himself for the class. He/She can also add a Spouse, and/Or Children .
    (b) While the Registrant is the primary Contact name, we also need to capture the names and other relevant details of Spouse and Children (say up to max of 5 additional names) - So I am guessing this can be done through adding custom fields;
    (c) Now the Yoga Classes can be conducted at two different Time Slots - Morning and Evening. So Each person can choose either of them
    (d) Yoga class also have Levels - Beginner, Experienced, Advanced, and Superior;
    (e) While the Beginner Level can be offered at both Morning and Evening classes, others are only at either Morning OR evening depending on the level.
    (f) The Fee associated with each level could be different and also Family discounts can be applied.

With such requirements:
(a) is there a way for us to perform dynamic data value display - e.g. IF Class Level (Radio button) = Beginner, THEN Display Class Timing options (another radio button) as Morning and Evening; IF Class Level = Advanced, THEN display only Evening and so on…

(b) If "Want to Add Spouse?? checkbox is selected, then display a section called “Enter Spouse Details” section and accept Spouse Name, Phone, Email etc. Similarly for Children

Sorry for the long question, but did anyone attempt to do such things in InfusionSoft WebForms?? (I know I have done them using another App)

It all sounds pretty straightforward. Yes, you would create custom fields to store the data and just hire someone who can write some very basic javascript to show/hide fields based on user inputs.