Looking for a solution for adaptive web form

Hi All, am looking for a simple yet highly configurable web form that can populate content based on the users response and ultimately sync the final outcome with the contact in infusionsoft. The contacts will consist of those already in Infusionsoft and those who are not. Any suggestions? Thanks.

There is a code snippet floating around that allows you to pull variables from the url into an IS form. I believe that is at least a piece of what you are trying to do. Otherwise you’ll have to program your own form that does the heavy lifting, then the last step would be pushing all your vars to an IS hosted form using the code snippet, which would then update a specific contact.

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HI Jerel, Thank you for your response. Yes it seems there is no intuitive or easy way so am now testing some configurable form solutions that sync with IS. A bit more work but have very specific requirements for the client so need to ensure it is reliable. Cheers