Registration form for multiple registrants

Is there a way to create a registration form that will allow multiple people from an organization to register for an event, tag each one separately as having registered, allow different billing amounts for each (on the same invoice), and have one person pay for all of them, without over-righting the contacts with the name of the person who paid with their cc?


There is now way to do that natively.

The best solution would be to create a Gravity Form on your website (if you have WordPress) and then build an integration using Make or Zapier.

If you don’t have those tools, then you could work this with a Keap form, but you would need to put together something using tools like the PlusThis Contact Creator, which would create the new contacts for all of the people that are added on the form, then you would need to run something like the PlusThis Smart Links, where you could set up the variables for “if/then” related to the landing page you take people to (so you could say “if 2 registrants, go to the 2 registrant page: if 3 registrants, go to the 3 registrant page, etc”.

The variable order form is the toughest part of this, as you would need to account for all the variables involved.

Hope that gives you some direction.


Thank you, Jeff. Much appreciated.

Tom Jones
Business Development, ProFeds