Onboarding form to create/update multiple contacts

Currently when a new client comes onboard our sales team goes into each contact and updates their information (person type, start date, person notes etc.) individually.

Some companies have multiple team members (10 +) that come onboard as clients so the team needs to update several contacts individually.

I was wondering if there is a way to improve this process. I was thinking a form where they enter the necessary details and the email address of all the contacts they want updated, but was unsure of if this was possible inside Keap?

You can’t really ‘grab’ the contacts in Keap with the method you described.

PlusThis has this Tag Associated Records tool that allows you to grab all of the other records that are related to a specific group or company and then put them through an action, so instead of setting the fields on an individual, you could set up a campaign to set up the fields and use this tool to run all related records through.

You could also daisy chain a few of their tools together to copy data from one record to another, or use Make and set up a process to copy fields from one rep to another that would be pretty straightforward.

All of these would require 3rd party integrations, but it can be done.