Define a Sequence - decision diamond

Hi there!

I have a question for you guys
I need to figure out how to implement a sequence.

We implement an Opt-in so, this is how it works

1 - User enter to a website
2 - When the client made some specific action it shows a popup
3 - The client gives us an email address (We Offered a Discount)
4 - I apply a tag (Example: Optin-USA) for everyone who enters an email (Until here everything is ok)
5 - Wait 10 minutes
If the user makes a purchase I add a new tag (Example: Purchased Optin-USA)
but then I have to run a sequence

  • if the client made a purchase —> do nothing

  • if the client did not make a purchase —> send an email

Does anyone an idea of how to config that campaign?