Customizing products

Hi everyone,

I need to create products that have a start and end date and then to be able to use these dates to merge into emails. Is there anyway to do that?

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Please provide more details. I don’t think what you’ve given here is clear enough for you to get the proper feedback.




Thank you for your response. I will try to clarify.

My business is a travel agency and my products are travel and hospitality so they have a date component (from/to). I want to setup a notification campaign where my clients are reminded of their flight dates and/or booking dates and once they are back, a feedback campaign would kick off.

I would like each product to have its own start/end date criteria because a single client can purchase different products. I want to use the dates associated with the product as a trigger for the campaigns.

I played around with the customer fields and it doesn’t make sense to put the dates there because if a client books a flight and hotel and a tour, each would have their own date criteria and if it’s for more than one person then it would be inefficient to change each person individually. Instead, I thought I could create a product and attach that to each person in the group or just to one depending on the situation.

If there is another way to achieve the same goal, I would be happy to find out.

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Based on what I see here, if anything can overlap, then you’d need to have custom fields for each products’ start/end dates.

For example, if you offer a trip to the Bahamas that runs 1/1/2020 - 1/10/2020 and a trip to London that runs 1/5/2020 - 1/15/2020, then you’d have to have separate campaigns for each of those trips and each campaign would run off of the custom fields for “Start Date - Bahamas/End Date - Bahamas” and “Start Date- London/End Date- London”

So, if you had 10 trips, you would have 10 campaigns and 20 custom fields (start date/end date for all).

No simple way to configure that I can think of.


Thank you, Jeff. I didn’t see an option to add a second date field in the product screen. Am I misunderstanding this part?

This also sounds extremely inefficient. I will probably run out of custom field if I did it that way, wouldn’t I? I can see the need for fields increasing really fast.

Is there another way to do this? Maybe using invoices?

It’s not a super-efficient way, and if you have a bunch of products, yes, could become inefficient and you could potentially run out of custom fields, but if you are looking to trigger automation based on specific dates, that’s the only way I see to do it.

Please leave it open for others in case they have different solutions.


Thanks, Jeff.