Setting Email Content Date to the Scheduled "Send Date" in a Campaign


How would I go about inserting a date merge field with the date that the email (in a campaign) should be sent out?

I currently have a campaign that should be recurring every year to remind me to send out invoices. I would like to input the date into the email content as the “send date”. Currently, it’s setting the date to the day that I added a contact into the campaign sequence.

For example, if I add Person A to the sequence today (July 23, 2019), the email should be dated for and sent out on October 1, 2019. Instead, the email is dated for today, July 23, 2019, but scheduled to be sent out on October 1, 2019.

Are there any solutions to this?


Hi Annie:

You can use a ‘set field value’ process in your campaign to set the date in a custom field on the contact record to a specific date and then feed that custom field into the email.

Is the yearly date a fixed date (Oct 1 of every year) or variable?


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a fixed date for different individuals, but it is the first of every month.

I’ve set up a custom field for a membership renewal date (month/day/year) and used the date to call up when to send my contacts the email. If I set the renewal date this year to 9/1/19, it’ll work just fine to call up that field value, but I want it to work for next year too without me having to update the renewal date to 9/1/2020 (hence why I have a looping campaign to set it to send the during next occurrence ignoring the year).