Can you use different timer types in a campaign sequence?

I’m creating a sequence that delays first on a custom date field, then I want it to delay on time. So it goes:

  1. Delay 355 days after custom date field
  2. Send email
  3. Delay 362 days after custom date field
  4. Remove tag
  5. Delay 5 months
  6. Send email
  7. Delay 3 weeks
  8. Send email
  9. Apply tag

I cannot connect any elements that have one timer type on one side and another timer type on the other. I’m wondering if that’s a bug or by-design.

What I then tried to get it to work was change items 5 and 7 to custom field timers. Changing item 5 to “wait 17 months after custom field” works, but to pinpoint three weeks after that (or a week before 18 months) the timers won’t let me use more than 365 days, nor more than 52 weeks. Further, if I check “next occurrence” and try 5 months and 175 days, I get an error saying the timer is before previous timers in the sequence so cannot be allowed.

Finally, I tried to set the custom field timer to “when contact reaches this point in the sequence” at item 4 then use regular “under a year” time frames using the same custom field timers. That also did not work.

It seems the only way to do this is to create a second sequence, separating items 1-4 from items 5-9, cluttering up the campaign elements.

You cannot combine timer types in the same line. If you want to use different types of timers just daisychain the sequences and put the different timer types in different sequences

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