What happens if a field timer is fulfilled late?

I have an appointment confirmation campaign that I downloaded from the Marketplace. When we fill out an internal form for a client to schedule an appointment, the sequence will send them a confirmation email five minutes later and then a week before there appointment a reminder email.

What happens if the client schedules an event that happens after the field timer delay? For example, if a client schedules an appointment on March 28th for March 30th. Will they be queued in the campaign? Or will the field timer and the rest of the sequence after it be skipped? Or will it just skip the field timer, send the appointment reminder email at the same time as the appointment confirmation email and conitunue with the rest of the sequence? Last question, what status will appear in the campaign history?


If the only reminder you have is one week out, it will skip all reminders. If you have a reminder set up for one day before, then it would skip the one week before and fire off the one day before on the day before the appointment.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by the ‘status’. Inside the campaign history it will have a note that says “this event happened in the past so it was skipped”, or something along those lines.

Okay great, I wanted to know what the campaign history woud say.

To verify - for the one week before delay timer it will skip that one week before delay timer and just continue the campaign as normal. Is that correct?

Yes. It will skip forward to the next time related event (meaning that if you have activities based on that 1-week timer, like an email or a task being created, those get skipped too) because they were supposed to happen at the time of the timer that is being skipped.


Thank you so much for your help.

No problem. Glad I could help.