What does Infusionsoft do with the response from an HTTP request during a campaign sequence?


When Infusionsoft makes an HTTP request as part of a campaign/sequence, is there any way to store the response? For example, at one point we could create a profile by API, the response would include an ID for this profile which could then be used to add more information to this profile in a second HTTP request later on in the campaign.

Or does InfSoft simply discard whatever response it gets?

Thanks for any help!

To my knowledge, the response is entirely inaccessible. Error responses might be shown in the campaign history of a contact, but even that is sketchy.

If you need to pass data from one HTTP Post to another, you’ll have to use a custom field on the contact record or store the data within the external system the HTTP Post is going to.

Thanks! That sounds great. If I create a custom field, how do I get the value from the response into that field?

That has to be done by an API script running from the HTTP Post. If you are calling a generic or specialty script that doesn’t actually integrate with Infusionsoft then you would have to have a middle-man script that would call the original service and then do the API work to store the response.

OK, thank you very much for your help!

In your interactive view, and under campaign history, if an http post is unsuccessful, then the history for that post will have the server response code at the top of that entry.