Retrieving Campaign Landing Pages

Hi all,

Been a lurker for a bit, but did not see a similar kind of question asked previously and wanted to check my sanity.

I’m currently setting up a campaign for a client where I need to run a script outside of the infusionsoft campaign sequences. I have the end user clicking a link in one of the thank you pages to my script, and after it runs, I want to return them to the campaign and the associated landing page for the result to continue on with the next sequence. There may be more than one landing page they could end up on. (Maybe this is a weird way of doing this, I’m unsure, but how I have it working at the moment due to my understanding of the system).

My question comes in with the API. I am currently able to pull campaign details via the REST API. The idea behind this is to allow the administer to enter the campaign ID into my system and have it pull the correct URLs of landing pages from Infusionsoft so they don’t have to go find them manually. The response of the API is only returning the 1st sequence and first 2 goals of the campaign.

Does the API limit the response of details for campaigns? Is it possible to return landing pages and their URLs?

From reading around other threads it sounds like the REST api is still a work in progress, so I guess it would follow to ask if this would ever be something added in the future?

We currently only return goals and sequences. We are going to be adding more campaign endpoints we just don’t have a timeline. The current API call should be returning all active goals and sequences. If you are seeing different please open an API Support Ticket so we can take a look. Create a Support Ticket - Keap Developer Portal

Thank you!