Extracting campaign click/open/etc. data via API

We have some data that we manually export via Infusionsoft currently and wanted to know if it’s possible to export this data via the API and if so, which API endpoint we want to use.

This is what we are trying to export for broadcast campaigns and welcome campaigns:

For the broadcasts, the data includes the date, email subject, # sent to, open rate %, click rate %, opt out rate %, # bounced, unique opens, total opens, unique clicked, total clicked, etc.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to which API to use and which API endpoint would be best to use?

A Campaign may have several emails across multiple Sequences as communication steps, and the complexity of the reporting involved precludes us from currently providing it in an summary manner via the API.

If you need information about a Campaign: Keap REST API
If you need information about the Emails sent to a Contact: Keap REST API