Wher can I access a database table for Campaign Stats

We are using Clicdata to aggregate abd report variuos company KPI’s. I need to bele to acess campaign stats from Infusionsoft, but am not sure which table they are stored in. Is there a description of database shcema anywhere to help with this?

What kind of statistics are you looking for?

The REST API has basic information about Campaigns, including the number of active Contacts in them:

The XML-RPC API has more historical data that we haven’t made available in the REST API yet, and you can also create reports and run them to generate resultsets:

Hi Ton, I just need the emails sent, open rates, and click rates from a specific campaign. The same thing you report inside of an Infusionsoft campaign, I just need it in an external dashboard so a broader group can see the results.

For instance, this is number of appointments booked based on a tag being applied, pulled right from Infusionsoft :