Campaign & Email Metrics - Data Schema

Hi All,

I had some questions regarding the data schema of Infusionsoft tables that exist. All are mainly about the datasets / tables that exist within Infusionsoft.

Table Schema - Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal

Need these answers so I can pull data outside Infusionsoft via API and build custom reports accordingly.

  1. What happens to the Leads table (Lead Id - Opportunity Title etc) as they move across various stages - does the same row get updated or new latest row is added with new stageId.
    I understand that this is also shown in StageMove Table also with OpportunityId’s in there - but need to know what happens to original “Leads” table as Opportunities move across various stages

  2. Which datasets/tables can we get open, click and engagement rates for email sequences?

  3. Where can we get data for Campaign reporting - are there any API endpoints that allow this data pull?

I spoke to chat but they were not able to answer these questions.

Hi @Praxis_Team, here are the answers to your questions.

  1. As opportunities move across stages, the same row will be updated with the new StageID. As you mentioned, the StageMove table will be updated every time there is a stage change on an opportunity.
  2. This data is not explicitly exposed in a table but you can use SearchService.getSavedSearchResults to get the results from a saved search. The Email Batch Results should do the trick ( Infusionsoft Logo > Marketing > Reports > Email Batch Results ).
  3. Campaign reporting is something that we’re just starting to expose. You can get some reporting data from this rest endpoint.
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  1. The Leads record’s field StageID gets changed to the new stage.
  2. There is no table available for email metrics.
  3. There is no table available for campaign data. The campaign tables that exist are carry over from the pre-campaign builder period. Current campaign builder information is not exposed.
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