API access for deals pipeline?

My company is building an analytics dashboard for a customer and we’d like to integrate Infusionsoft data as a plugin. They would like to see “Sales Pipeline with estimated revenues for One, Two, & three months out”

I’ve just signed up for API access, but I don’t see any way to pull individual records or aggregate reports for the sales pipeline/funnel. Is this possible? If not, can it be added?

The opportunities records are stored in the ‘Lead’ table. Stages in the Stages table and history of stage moves in the StageMove table. There would be a need to correlate sales (Invoice and Payments tables) with the win stage to get the most complete picture and to really show roi values you’d also need to read leadsource expenses which would be on the LeadSourceExpense and the LeadSourceRecurringExpense tables.

I’m using the PHP API. Can you tell me how access that data? Ive got the default stages and a test deal in my account, but when I pull the list of opportunities from the API it comes back empty.

For reading any of the tables, you would need to use the data object method ‘query’ (or dsQuery on the isdk) to read the table and alternatively query based on a field. You can find documentation for using the api query method here

That looks amazing and I will try it later tonight. Would you be willing to give me a sample query that gets me in the ballpark for this…or point me to docs that list the available tables and fields supported by that endpoint and how to do joins? Also, I’m using the OAuth api, so I won’t use the privateKey parameter, right?

These aren’t like SQL queries. They will be single table queries. I provided the link in the previous post but will list it out here :
Table documentation = Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal
XML-RPC documentation = xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal

Authentication is through OAuth2. I have a vid on that part that might be helpful to avoid some of the common hangups with authenticating:

Thanks. Yeah I got the oauth2 hooked up last night, but did not know that I could do those direct table queries. Thank you so much for the schema link and all the other help!

…I was only aware of these API docs, and they leave out the “data” section: https://developer.infusionsoft.com/docs/rest/#!/Opportunity/listOpportunitiesUsingGET

Right, those are REST related which some could be useful but the implementation isn’t fully built. The xml-rpc however, does allow for the table access which is what you’d need for what you’re doing.

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Thanks again. I’m able to load data from the different tables, but from what I can tell, “deals” in the pipelines feature are not the same as Opportuntities/Leads in the xml-rpc API. I created a test “deal” and it doesn’t show up when I fetch the list of Leads. I also noticed that the pipeline stages in my test account don’t match the names I see in the Stage table.

Hi @Dan_Blaisdell, the pipeline feature in New Infusionsoft is separate from opportunities/leads and doesn’t currently have an API. I will pass your request to access the pipeline feature via the API to our product manager for future prioritization.

Thank you! That will be very helpful - particularly for new customers.

Plus one the request @Nicholas_Trecina! StageCoach is going to really need that!

Is this available yet? I need to pull data from the “sales” tab