Stage to Stage Report” via API?

I am looking for some help understanding how to pull Sales Pipeline information via the API.
for the endpoint given here:!/Opportunity/listOpportunityStagePipelinesUsingGET

I want to know how many days it takes a contact to go from one stage to the next in my stage pipeline? How do I get that information?

Basically how do I pull the “Stage to Stage Report” via API?

Thank you very much in advance.

To pull the data from the Stage to Stage report you will need to leverage our xml-rpc API. Begin by creating a saved report from within the Application UI, and then utilize the search service to retrieve the saved report via the API.

Yes, as @JustinGourley has described, when you save a ‘saved search/report’ the xmlrpc has the ability to pull the currently live results of that report.

Thanks @John_Borelli and @JustinGourley - i read somewhere that xmlrpc is being phased out. So I am just kind of worried what happens later? Will this be available to pull via REST?

Thanks for your comments.


Correct, you read somewhere and they’ve been saying that for almost 10 years now lol

They can’t “phase the xmlrpc” out unless they have an exit strategy that will prevent the tons of integrations out there from not breaking when they do. It would be company suicide. They would prefer that you use the REST immplementation because it requires oauth and is a more secure method. Although they are also coming out with a access key/token method soon that will simplify things and actually improve some control over the permissions for REST calls.

Still, the xmlrpc isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. They may figure it out sometime down the road but it’s beyond me how they hope to keep everything using it from breaking if they do. It’s been talked about for a very long time now and they’ve also committed to notifying people well in advance (think a year prior to sunsetting) so I don’t think you’ll have anything to really worry about :wink:

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Thanks @John_Borelli