Pass Infusionsoft Contact Data to Salesforce Lead Que

How do i create an api that when a tag is assigned to a contact the contact data will be passed to a Salesforce Lead Que. I created a campaign and used the HTTP post function to send to‐8 It does not work. After several hours with Infusionsoft tech team telling me the link was broken (it is not) anothere tech tellsa me that HTTP post will not wortk and I have to create a cusotrm API. I am not a programmer but have been using Infusionsoft for 6 years and coding web sited for 20. Need help. Thank you, David J. Hartness 619-890-5651

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@David_Hartness, when I follow the link you provide it gives a message that it no longer exists (this is a message issued by the salesforce server). See image. If this were a valid link for pushing information then the least we would expect to see is a not authorized message.

EDIT: the URI encoding is messing the link up. The part at the end that says encoding=UTF-8 isn’t being picked up right because it’s getting encoded as encoding=UTF%E2%80%908

When I manually correct this in the url field of my browser, I at least see a blank (non response) page

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I am not a Salesforce expert, but checking this video here: Simple Web to Lead in Salesforce - YouTube , it looks like you will need to setup several fields in the HTTP Post for Campaign Builder.

The Salesforce form has several Hidden and Text fields that need to be mapped accordingly. The hidden fields can have a fixed value set in the HTTP Post, the text fields can have the Contact Merge Fields.

If you tried setting that up, and it still fails, send pictures of what you got.

If none of this work, then you will need a simple script that does a cURL Post to Salesforce instead.


What @Pav suggested should work. If it doesn’t, there are pre-built integrations out there such as Zapier and Workato.

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