Assistance on creating an API Endpoint to receive an XML feed

Hi Everyone, Ok so here is where I am at and being new to coding etc I am ok if the time is to outsource what I need next and I will get to that.

Ok so I have been asked by family to help them out with an integration of data to their infusionsoft instance via XML. Basically there are 2 XML feeds one for contacts and one for leads.

The contact centre system is in place and can send an XML payload to any URL I can provide them. As I am so new to this I have done some reading and setup a quick Integration using a deprecated method via a php page and the simple connection process worked using the API Key.

As you have outlined the OAuth is the way to go but know that from basic PHP to the next step with very limited skills is not going to be easy so am happy to seek paid support by an outsourced provider if need be.

I have access to the Sandbox environment and also the Webserver where our site is hosted. I have been directed to the sample codes etc but not a developer in any way I am looking for a little help / direction.

I have examples of the XML payload for Contacts/Leads for the encoded and decoded version from the call centre solution (example below)

EXAMPLE START jobData=JohnDoe48 Example RdTestSuburb1234NSWjohn_doe@domain.comFalseCompany (State)Mr Manager EXAMPLE END

Sorry I know being a beginner I maybe frustrating but just trying to see where next to go.

Thanks for the support these types of forums are so helpful to seek advice of a path already walked to save time and $$$.


HI @Garran_Jones,

I’ve done this for others before. It’s alot to take in if it’s not what you do everyday. Here is a video I have on using OAuth/IS with PHP and it might help to clear up some of the questions. That’s the place to start anyway. PHP has built in XML functions that can help with this further and finally, understanding the IS table structure would also be part of what you might want to review.

Thanks @John_Borelli really appreciate your help. I will review the vid and also doco and see if I am willing and able to go to the next step. Do you have any knowledge of when the old method will be deprecated ( sure everyone would like to know that ). Cheers

Hi @Garran_Jones,

There has not been a date set for when the older api key method will be dis-continued and honesly, it’s been talked about for over three years. I’d say it will happen but Infusionsoft has promised that it would happen with ample time for people to handle converting so I don’t imagine it’s supper eminent but would say it should still be expected at some point.