API/PHP - where to start

I understand this is a broad topic… I am a bit familiar with API between software, and we use it for checkouts etc. However I am new to access it from server to manipulate contact data and etc. I am wanting to dig in and learn more…

Currently I am trying to batch update all of my contacts 550k (subscribers in particular 7k) to where their recharge attempts are all the same, as they vary from over the years depending on how it was set in the admin > settings, and just trying to get where it will attempt a charge 2 times, with a time delay of 7 days in between those two attempts. My first thought was to export them to .csv, alter the entire column in one swoop, and mass import them back in. These fields to not appear to export for contacts and/or subscribers anywhere, and from what I am learning… API would probably be my best option for this.

Just not really sure where to start. I am very familiar with PHP, and assume I can access contacts there, and just initially trying to access infusion, and spit back contacts initially, even if it’s active subscribers, or whatever the context may be to have a starting point. Docs are not straight forward regarding api, and just looking for decent code samples to connect, and spit any data back.


Have you read through the documentation on the Developer site? We have a samples and quickstart guides available from there.

Thanks for the links Tom, I will definitely check all of those out in case I’ve missed those, and now reviewing the Table Schema doc.

Was able to get connected via PHP ISDK, and so far have been returning individual contact arrays.

Now just trying to loop it to get multiples to eventually be able to grab and update their billing attempt info.